sheila at 40

Sheila Walcott Chambers has been painting, drawing, illustrating, and doing graphic design for over 20 years.   She also teaches full-time at Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she lives with her husband, Mike and son, Dylan.  Her interdisciplinary work is based on a love of traditional and digital media combined with an interest in meaning and symbolism.  Words are as important to her as images. 

While practicing graphic design, she discovered that there is more potency when visual and verbal elements are combined.  Her love of pure form remains, however.  She divides her artwork into 2 main categories: images based on love of form with no specific message, and imagery, usually combined with words, in which there is a specific message or editorial concept.

The inspiration for her illustrations, posters, paintings, and drawings is contemporary life, personal life, and nature.  Many of her messages are psychological in content because she has always been keenly interested in the art of living: living deeply and living the best possible way given life's challenges.   Her artwork, in many ways, serves to remind her how to live well.  She hopes it has value for you too.

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